One Crazy Cool Dog

One of the best things to do is too spend time with a pet and in my case, its not just any pet but my wonderfully playful energetic 3 year old Cocker Spaniel. I got him by chance, we were walking through Sandton City Shopping Centre and my family and girlfriend decided to venture into the pet store where low and behold sat three of the most adorable little ginger Cocker Spaniels just starring at us with their sad take me home droopy eye faces. My family played with the puppies for a while and decided it would be best to leave it as we already had two other Spaniels at home, little did we know that my girlfriend would have the ability to convince both my parents that we had to take one of the puppies and that we could not just leave it there…too cut a long story short we arrived home with the cutest little ginger Cocker Spaniel puppy and named him Charlie.

Three years on and he is literally one of my best friends, Charlie follows me everywhere, when I’m doing Honours assignments he sits under my chair or lies at my feet, when I wash the car he is running around playing with the hose pipes or stealing the sponges and cloths. However, his favourite thing in the entire world happens at 07:30 every morning and that is when I take him for a run. He loves it and it is seriously one of the funniest things to watch because he literally lies outside my bedroom door from around twenty past seven and literally tries to push the door open so he can get me up so I can take him for a run. When I open the door to let him in he immediately goes to my cupboard and takes my running shoes out and brings them to me and it doesn’t stop there because he then runs straight to the kitchen and shows me which cupboard his lead is in, its the cutest.

#thehonesttruth Dogs have an incredible way of making one smile even when one is feeling very down or upset they have an uncanny ability to make one laugh and smile. Soooo…be a friend to your dog, he may return the favour and live up to the logo of been, “Man’s best Friend” do it, the rewards are awesome!