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Its the big one

So…its the week end YAY!!

However, for some this week end is even bigger than it is for others…in my case its huge, its massive, its fantastic and yes i’m flippen excited 🙂

I’m sure by now you are wondering what I am gonna get up to, well to kick start I’ll be doing “the white thing” which means I’ll be spending loads of money at Woolies, yay for Woolies 🙂 Seriously though, this week end is gonna be great. I’m headed to the best place in the world and in my humble opinion there aren’t too many places that rival this place in terms of pure natural, natural, wild beauty. The place i’m referring to is the Kruger National Park. I cannot wait to get up early tomorrow morning and hit the highway until I find myself arriving at Paul Kruger gate and commence my exploration of the wonderful realm that is the Kruger Park. So yes, whilst you sit in Johannesburg in the concrete jungle freezing your ass off tomorrow think of me whilst I light a braai, crack open a cold one, take a seat an listen to the wonderful evening chatter in the park.

The only upside I can possibly think of for people staying in Johannesburg this week end is that you will have access to a TV which I do will not have access to and which means you will be able to watch the biggest club rivalry in the world and in my opinion the greatest football match to watch…yes…you guessed it, its Liverpool FC vs Man Utd at Anfield this week end so to the lucky guys and girls who get too watch it enjoy and GET IN ya Merseyside REDS YNWA!! Image


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