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The madness of a prang

That extremely irritating moment when you have a car accident, yeah that! So the other evening I was going out to Montecasino which really is a complete rigmarole if I actually think about it because you always get there feeling irritable and grumpy. The traffic is always a screw up and you end up sitting in a jam for a good hour or so, invariably there is a traffic light out of order or there is some new pothole that was wasn’t on route the last time you ventured out and then there is the most irritating obstacle that infests every major artery…the taxi. They seem to have a totally separate rule book for the road where it states that taxi drivers own the road; they are allowed to stop at anytime, anywhere and without regard for any other road user. They are allowed to change lanes whenever the urge comes round even if the advantage of that lane change is to gain a meagre car space, for the taxi driver this is a major victory.

A taxi had pulled over and had stopped in the left hand lane of Montecasino Boulevard to pick up passengers or drop passengers off or just too annoy fellow road users, which one I’m not really sure. I was in my recently clean, well maintained and well looked after VW Polo going about my merry business when suddenly a Sandton Yuppie (by the way they also have their own set of rules for the road) in his Audi RS6 Avant thought to himself hmmm I am “rich” I have right of way I shall just turn out from behind the parked taxi in the hope that fellow road minions (like you and me) will simply bow before the Sandton Yuppie man and come to a complete stop for his lordship and let him in. However, I did not see that his lordship wanted to change lanes as he did not indicate (a required rule of the yuppies) he proceeded with his move to change lanes and yes he didn’t bother to look if anyone else was there and why should he have, after all us fellow road minions are meant to bow to his will and make sure we are not in his way. The inevitable happened and boom Sandton Yuppie man whacked the front of my car.

What makes the situation really funny is when Sandton Yuppie man got out his car with his pointing finger of judgement and bellowed, “You, you run into me, why the **** weren’t you looking?” My reply was a simple shake of the head and I gave him my details and in return he gave his in-between the hurling of insults and cussing that was directed in my direction.

Unfortunately my car is still in ruin and is waiting to beaten by panel beaters.

#thehonesttruth its ok to do what you like if you are either a taxi driver or a Sandton Yuppie


2 responses to “The madness of a prang

  1. Antony ⋅

    Gotta love the South African roads, well done for staying cool, I think considering HE managed to impregnate his “yuppie” RS6 into your car and then still hurl insults at you I would have lost my shit and impreganted my fist into his face, but mind you thats how we feel at the time, and thank goodness we dont always do what we feel we should do.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, I hope your car gets sorted soon.

    Cheers Ally, Keep up the good reads.

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