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Whilst messing about on my mobile phone the other day, I noticed a common trend with people who frequent social networking sites, Facebook in particular, the trend that I noticed was the pointless use of adding a # tag to nearly every second word in a particular status. What exactly is the # tag for? Why do you deem it necessary to put a # tag there? I have asked this question a few times on Facebook and I am yet to actually get a proper answer from the “# taggers”. I’m guessing this is because they don’t even know why they are putting it there. The only reason that I can possibly gather as to why people use the # tag on Facebook is to somehow appear “cool”, “gangsta”, “fresh” or “dope” or whatever the next  “hip” phrase is.

 However, there is some redemption for the “# taggers”, I understand if you are sharing photo’s from Instagram and using Facebook as your sharing tool that the categories in which you tagged your photo in on Instagram will transfer to Facebook once you share the photo with your friends on Facebook, the other time where the use of a # tag is allowed on Facebook is when someone has a linked Twitter/Facebook account and when you tweet a particular tweet it automatically appears on your Facebook account. # tag’s on Instagram serve the purpose of placing a photograph into a particular category so for instance if someone is searching for a picture of a “lion” all the person who is searching for a picture of a “lion” needs to do is type the word “#lion” and photo’s that have been categorised using the # tag in front of the word “lion” will appear, so on Instagram a # tag is used in order to categorise photos. Whereas on Twitter # tag’s serve the purpose of grouping certain words or phrases together so that when a person searches for a particular word that has been # tagged all the tweets mentioning that particular word or phrase surface as they are relevant to that particular tag. For instance if I was to search for news regarding Liverpool Football Club I would simply type the acronym of Liverpool Football Club which is LFC and place a # tag in front of LFC creating this —> #LFC, I would then type this into the search area on the Twitter app or website and tweets and news related to Liverpool Football Club will appear as a conversation thread on the timeline. 

Facebook does not make use of groupings or categories so the using of a # tag on this particular social media platform serves absolutely no purpose other than been extremely annoying.

 What I find most alarming is the amount of corporate organisations that use # tags on Facebook, seriously how? You have communication specialist’s who run your social networking pages yet you still get the little nitty gritty things wrong, yet I as a consumer must trust the brand, I ask myself how I should trust the brand when the brand cannot even get the simplest of things right, like the running of a social media page.

 #TheHonestTruth Most people actually don’t know how to use social networking sites correctly or most importantly effectively.


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  1. Nastassja ⋅

    Well Facebook Finally Gets Hashtag Support


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