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Who is the guy behind the blog?

The guy behind the blog, well, its me…if you don’t know who me is, my name is Allan and my friends call me Ally, I’m that typical white guy from one of those leafy suburbs in northern Johannesburg and yes this is a fact of which I’m proud and happy with.  I would generally consider myself to be an all round nice guy but I can be a real grump when I want to be, any suggestions on fixing this would be greatly appreciated J I consider myself to be a passionate, fun-loving person who lives to entertain and make others laugh and smile, I‘m joker and love to have a laugh even if the jokes on me, I consider myself to be a person who is hard working, determined, fights for what is right and is not afraid to speak my mind, I am a tech gadget crazy kid and by my very nature an animal lover. 

My favourite thing to do above all other’s is to get in the car at around 4am and take a drive up to the Kruger National Park for a couple of days and completely relax and just be at one with nature, I don’t think anyone has truly lived until they have sat with a beer in hand and had a braai as the sun sets over the Kruger National Park and heard the laugh of a Hyena and the roar of a Lion during a typical Kruger night.

I’m an absolute football nut, I live for football, and I love watching football, talking about football and of course havin’ a good old footy argument on Twitter or with a couple of my mate’s around a table with a whiskey or two. I naturally support the best football team on planet earth and no its not Manchester United nor is it FC Barcelona, remember, I did say the greatest team on planet earth and no, its not Real Madrid either so don’t even go there, the best football team is in fact Liverpool Football Club, trust me it is, don’t argue.

I am 24 years old and currently a University student, much to my fathers dismay as I think he thinks I am going to be a perpetual student, don’t worry dad, this is the last year for me…! I dabbled in a law degree for two years and to put it bluntly I hated it I have never in all my life studied something as tedious and boring as law, I simply had to change my choice of studies and decided to do a BA degree in Corporate Communication which I loved and did very well in. I am currently doing a BA Honours degree in Strategic Communication at the University of Johannesburg and as much as this year has been a massive learning curve for myself it is and has been very challenging to say the least.


2 responses to “Who is the guy behind the blog?

  1. Toenie ⋅

    You keep it up boytjie! Diggin the blog buddy. looking forward to our next party session!

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