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The Smart Phone and the Terrorist

This week bare witness to an incident which, truly shook the world and in some ways shook the mere fabric of society. The incident in question involved a British solider who was based at an army barracks in London in an area called Woolwich, the solider involved in the incident was brutally attacked and murdered in broad daylight right outside the Royal Artillery Barracks in a street filled with on lookers, the incident quickly sparked into a threat of terror against Britain, due to the attack occurring against a British soldier and the incident taking place right outside the Barracks.


Eyewitnesses said that a soldier was hacked by two attackers who were wielding machete’s and shouting Islamic and Muslim slogans as the man was hacked to death. The attackers said that this was a demonstration to the world to highlight how British soldiers treated people in Islamic and Muslim states when British soldiers went on tour to fight for what they refer to as “democracy and freedom”.


Please see the video attached below.


What I find truly frightening about this incident was how much the world of mobile technology has taken over our lives and the enormous role that mobile technology now plays in the telling of a particular story.


People who bore witness to this distressing event quickly bought out their smart phones and immediately started filming the incident and taking photos of the incident and the men involved, what made this story even more bizarre was that the attackers asked to be filmed and asked for their photo’s to be taken by the onlookers. This was a well worked attempt to amplify their message and create their own online platform, the incident was very quickly uploaded onto social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Keek and was shared by millions of people making these images go viral at an alarming pace as people wanted to bare witness to what others had just bared witness to, I presume this come back to human natures tendency of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.


To me what makes this incident truly terrifying and surprisingly its not even the actual incident which took place that truly terrifies me, no, its not this that terrifies me, so what does terrify me you may ask…well what terrifies me is how quickly people reached for their smart phones and filmed the incident as if it was a child’s birthday party or some other casual event.


#thehonesttruth is that society has become so desensitized to horrific incidents due to the incredibly high levels of violence in society that things that should theoretically disgust us no longer do and I question societies direction because of this, in fact, I question my own, I was more amazed by how people make use of their smart phones with such urgency and desire to share things on social networking sites and their desire including my own to be the first one to share that something with others that I myself nearly missed the fact that an innocent man and solider lost his life. 


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    Great job Ally! Looks freaking awesome

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